Technical Manpower/Project Management

The Technical Manpower/Project management services Division provide manpower requirement services for the Oil and Gas Allied Industries. The division also trains personnel to suite special technical areas. We draw our manpower locally and overseas by keeping a resume database, which covers projects and contract staffs. Our Project Management encompasses the responsibilities to plan, execute and coordinate the performance of the engineering. Procurement and construction with objective of completing the project on schedule and within budget. Our main focus area is the provision of specialist to perform the following services.

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Engineering And Construction

With our specialized and responsive engineering and construction team, VINNIEL ENERGY offers her clients a total capability in services ranging from preliminary studies, front end engineering fabrication and construction/installation from start-up to commissioning.

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Environmental Protection And Control

VINNIEL ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED provides the following services: Environmental service for management of oil spill and response coastal clean up and monitoring of sea and river. Provision of safety maritime transportation for the coaster clean up; Fire fighting consultancy planning; Audit service. Environmental Waste Management and Fumigation. Waste evacuation systems for offshore locations. Oil & Gas and Allied equipment supply services.

VINNIEL ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED shall provide equipment supply to the Oil & Gas and Allied industry. We are equipped to offer quality Oil & Gas field's related product and services from major Oil & Gas and Allied industry manufactures at competitive price. VINNIEL ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED is prepared to meet your requirements in association with our foreign technical partners.

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Maritime Transport/ Materials Management

Vinniel Energy Services Limited is also equipped to provide marine transport/ materials management services to Oil & Gas and Allied Industry. With our vast experience in the maritime services, we shall provide Barges; Tug boat sea going Vessels and material Haulage such as AGO, PMS, Fresh water, Construction Materials (cement, Aggregate sand etc) I.O.C.L., undertakes timely delivery of essential supplies for overall support and logistics services to designated offshore sites.


Procurement is a vital phase of most Engineering Projects, whether its time to issue a request for a quotation, find specialized expert personnel, define and select equipment, create a material specification or evaluate competitive tender bids, VINNIEL ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED has the skill to deliver.

Our wealth of engineering experience is invaluable when it comes to selecting the right materials, technology and equipment for the job; we are well versed in all technical and safety codes used in the industry.

Our procurement team works closely with design engineers to provide an integrated service based on quality, economy and on-time delivery.

, we offer comprehensive procurement and logistics support including:

  • Purchasing
  • Inspection
  • Transport coordination and materials control
  • Global sourcing
  • Ordering in line with contract requirements and client's approval to ensure total compliance
  • Corrosion Control

    Corrosion can lead to failure in production facilities which are usually costly to repair in terms of lost or contaminated product, environmental damages and ultimately in terms of human safety. Thus decision regarding the future integrity of a structure or its components depends entirely upon an accurate assessment of the conditions affecting its corrosion and rate of deterioration.

    VINNIEL ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED provides specialized services in terms of accurately assessing the internal corrosion integrity of pipeline using NACE's recommended standards for LP-ICDA. This also involves the integration of various data from field examinations (including operational data and physical characteristics of the pipeline) and evaluations of the pipeline surface.

    VINNIEL ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED, in the cause of the job, will inform her client and also include in the final report to be submitted to her client, other pipeline integrity threats such as external corrosion, mechanical damage, stress corrosion cracking (SCC) etc. to enable additional assessments, inspections, or both to be performed.