Who we are

Vinniel Energy Services Limited is a privately owned indigenous limited liability company incorporated on the 20TH day of JUNE, 2012 to carry on business as general contractors, civil engineering/construction works, corrosion control and lab analysis, outsourcing consultants, importers and exporters of general goods and services, environmental cleaning and waste disposal services, man power supply, trading on all kinds of goods and services, general merchandise, procurement/logistic services, manufacturers' representatives, supplies of safety gadgets, supply of oil tools, equipment and services of same, to engage in stocking of materials, warehousing and marketing services.

What we do

Our core activities are borne out of the need for better services in the engineering, construction procurement and project management to the government and up/down stream sector of the oil and gas industry. Some of our major areas of operations include provision of the following

  • Technical manpower/Project Management services
  • Engineering and Construction services
  • Environmental Protection and Control services
  • Oil and Gas Allied equipment Supply services
  • Marine Transport/Materials Management services
  • General oil field service such as Corrosion Control, Pipeline Cleaning, Pipeline Pigging, and Quality Control.
  • Our Strategic Planning

    Vinniel Energy Services Limited will constantly abide by its mission statement by applying the seven principles of

  • Setting goals and objectives for the different sections
  • Establishing accurate control measurement
  • Translating its plans into action with periodic qualitative review(s)
  • Formulating strategic option and selecting appropriate strategies
  • Analyzing its vis –a-vis scope and sphere of operations
  • Analyzing its competitors in the market
  • Constantly assessing its strength and weaknesses
  • Our Main Goal

    We bring to our work:

  • A period heritage of accomplishment, integrity, excellence, commitment, to our interest.
  • Adhere to the largest standard of ethics and integrity
  • To develop a team relationship without client to provide the most reliable, host, well engineering solution to problems and together achieve higher level of productivity and profitability within business.
  • Do our work safely and constantly with responsible environmental principles.
  • Make continuous improvement an integral part of the way we operate
  • Respond to our rapidly changing world with entrepreneurial approaches.
  • Total Quality Management

    Vinniel Energy Services Limited is dedicated to Total Quality Management. Our drive for quality and customer satisfaction had resulted in strong growth over the years. The importance of Quality control/Quality Assurance as well as safety management constitutes the central theme of the company's operation.

    Quality Objectives

    Vinniel Energy Services Limited Quality System was first conceived as a documented system in 2001. At that point many of the standard practices of that time were finalized and presented as a Quality manual. Since then the system has been enhanced to comply with and to operate within the requirements of ISQ 991. It now encompasses the full scope of project management, design, procurement and construction services.

    Vinniel Energy Services Limited Recognize and support that conformances to ISO 9000 is becoming the norm in many areas of the world, including Nigeria, and underline our intention to progressively develop our organization procedures towards ISO 991 standards.


    1. High-risk situations
    Do not start up or shut down equipment or installations without using the appropriate written operating procedure.
    Any situation where the risk level is temporarily increased is reported. Induced risks are identified and analyzed and compensatory measures are implemented.

    2. Traffic: Machine/vehicle/cyclist/pedestrians
    Do not exceed the speed limits. Traffic rules apply inside and outside sites.

    3. Body mechanics and tools
    Do not carry out work if you do not have the right tools for the job and the environment. Adopting an inappropriate posture when handling objects or using tools can cause physical harm.

    4. Protective equipment
    Do not access installations and perform work without wearing general or task-specific personal protective equipment (PPE). Collective protection is preferred. Individual protection completes preventive measures already taken.

    5. Work permits
    Do not perform work without a valid work permit. Any work performed on site requires a permit.

    6. Lifting
    Do not walk under a load while lifting is taking place. For any work involving a crane, hoist or other mechanical system, a preliminary risk analysis is required. Equipment must be in good condition. Personnel must be qualified and access to the area must be restricted.

    Community Relations Policy

    Vinniel Energy Services Limited has a vital interest in maintaining amicable relationship with the host communities at all times. It shall be retained as our policy to duly regard constituted authorities and recognized agencies, protect the rights of the people, adopt good friendly measures to better public relations, ensure equal and fair deal on local labour use especially where more than one community is involved as host and eliminate or reduce to minimum, disruption during project execution.